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Marble, Cultured Stone Cremation Urns

Native American Feathers Raku Cremation Urn

Please note: 1 lb of body weight prior to cremation takes up about 1 cubic inch of space after cr..

Product ID: 200255108

$197.50 $237.60

Ceramic Cremation Urn - 8 Horses

Adult urn featuring 8 hand-painted black and white horses on the front.Finished in beautiful eggshel..

Product ID: 200264958

$63.93 $76.92

Vantage Standard/Paramount Urn Burial Vaults (Air Lock)

Our Cremation Urn Vaults offer beauty and protection in amazingly high strength-to-weight ratios. Av..

Product ID: 200270776

$174.56 $210.00

Earth's Memorial Raku Keepsake

The Earth's Memorial Raku Keepsake is a beautifully handmade ceramic piece that undergoes a unique k..

Product ID: 200264131

$57.85 $69.60

Turtle Raku Cremation Urn

The Turtle Raku Cremation Urn is a brightly colored ceramic urn that features a Raku turtle with tur..

Product ID: 200264628

$237.40 $285.60

Taj Mahal Marble Cremation Keepsake Urn

Hand-carved Taj Mahal marble cremation keepsake for ashes. Each heavy, rich marble urn is hand carve..

Product ID: 200264819

$32.15 $38.69

Keepsake Pedestal Stand

The Keepsake Pedestal Stand is for personalizing a mini brass or marble urn with a three line name p..

Product ID: 200264532

$23.94 $28.80

Branch Ceramic Cremation Urn - Medium

Asian-inspired medium size.Eye-catching mottled pattern evokes images of the natural world, and thic..

Product ID: 200264981

$33.19 $39.94

Western Sun Raku Urn

The Western Sun Raku Urn represents the giver of life, the warm sun. The design is southern western ..

Product ID: 200264512

$197.50 $237.60

Urn Keepsakes: Alabaster Stone Harmony

Urn Keepsakes: Alabaster Stone Harmony Item Number: ALJ-319-MA Approximate Dimensions: 2.56"W x 3..

Product ID: 200234236

$104.73 $126.00

Tuscany Cultured Marble Adult Urn Wedgewood Blue

Capacity: 225 cu. in.Please make sure the size is correct. This item is not returnable unless it arr..

Product ID: 200263576

$177.55 $213.60

Taj Mahal White Marble Cremation Urn Box

Natural, hand carved white marble cremation urn that is box shaped. Each urn is hand carved in Paki..

Product ID: 200265247

$152.73 $183.74

Simplicity Biodegradable Urns - Slate Grey

Slate grey biodegradable cremation urn box made of non-toxic, eco-friendly materials.Derived from co..

Product ID: 200265105

$15.28 $18.38

Elegant Raku Cremation Urn

Elegant Raku Cremation UrnOpening: Top OpeningCapacity: 220 Cubic Inches..

Product ID: 200264318

$197.50 $237.60

Earth Monument Raku Cremation Urn

Please note: 1 lb of body weight prior to cremation takes up about 1 cubic inch of space after crema..

Product ID: 200255101

$197.50 $237.60

Crying Angel w/ Wings in Mourning Keepsake Urn

Marbleized FinishKeepsake SizeHand Feather-PaintedHeight: 5" Width: 5" Diameter: 4"Cubic Inches: 20F..

Product ID: 200266790

$43.89 $52.80

Cloud Grey Marble Cremation Urn Keepsake Box - Small

Engraving will take an extra 2 to 3 business days to complete.We can engrave up to 3 lines of text. ..

Product ID: 200264907

$23.46 $28.22

Blue Waters Alabaster Stone Cremation Urn

Blue Waters. Alabaster stone. Top-Opening. 201 cu. in., 7-1/4" Dia. x 10-1/4"H; 8-3/8 lbs...

Product ID: 200233309

$383.04 $460.80

White Lily Stained Glass Medium Cremation Urn

Ideal for displaying at home or in a cabinet, this medium-sized stained glass urn is a beautiful, ca..

Product ID: 200265123

$100.22 $120.58

Tuscan Pearl Genuine Marble Cremation Urn - Hand Carved

Cylinder shaped marble cremation urn hand made from natural white and gray marble. Each urn is hand ..

Product ID: 200265249

$145.99 $175.63

Turquoise Ceramic Cremation Urn - Extra Small

hand crafted turquoise blue ceramic finish using ancient Song Dynasty kiln firing techniques.Glaze's..

Product ID: 200264975

$29.60 $35.62

Serena Pink Rose Ceramic Cremation Urn

The Serena Pink Rose Ceramic Cremation Urn is a charming urn with a single rose accented by a bronze..

Product ID: 200264310

$219.43 $263.98

Rosemary Marble Box Cremation Urn

Natural, hand carved marble cremation urn that is box shaped.Each urn is hand carved in Pakistan fro..

Product ID: 200265241

$123.53 $148.61

Pewter Cremation Keepsake Heart

Minimalist, pewter cremation keepsake for ashes. Complements a wide array of larger cremation urns a..

Product ID: 200264762

$49.84 $59.96

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