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Marble, Cultured Stone Cremation Urns

Pewter Cremation Keepsake Heart

Minimalist, pewter cremation keepsake for ashes. Complements a wide array of larger cremation urns a..

Product ID: 200264762

$56.66 $59.96

Noire Marble Pet Cremation Urn - Extra Small

Hand-carved urn from black marble. White streaks of marble accentuate the urn. Each heavy, rich marb..

Product ID: 200264746

$43.40 $45.94

Large Ceramic Cremation Urn - Iris Bouquet

Adult size with hand mixed glaze and hand painted iris bouquet on the front .Natural tan fired ceram..

Product ID: 200264996

$80.58 $85.27

Harvest Moon Alabaster Stone Cremation Urn

Harvest Moon. Alabaster stone. Top-Opening. 231 cu. in., 7-5/8" Dia. x 10-1/2"H; 13-5/8 lbs...

Product ID: 200233310

$437.72 $463.20

Hands in Prayer Marble Cremation Urn

Marbelized FinishAdult SizeHand Feather-PaintedHeight: 11 1/2" Width: 9 3/4" Diameter: 6 1/4"Cubic I..

Product ID: 200266791

$130.41 $138.00

Extra Small Odyssey Pet Urns - Slate

Metallic pet cremation urn with a large silver paw print accent on the lid. Fine, slate colored fini..

Product ID: 200264769

$71.96 $76.15

Earth's Round Bronze Raku Keepsake

Earth's Round Bronze Raku KeepsakeMeasures 4-3/4" wideOpening: Top loadingKeepsake urn fits a small ..

Product ID: 200264242

$133.81 $141.60

Earth's Memorial Raku Cremation Urn

Please note: 1 lb of body weight prior to cremation takes up about 1 cubic inch of space after crema..

Product ID: 200255111

$224.53 $237.60

Cultured Marble Vinyl-Wrapped Urn/Vault - Hunters Dream - Camo

This urn features a camouflage-like design of leaves and branches on the forest floor. A perfect res..

Product ID: 200274044

$300.51 $318.00

Cultured Marble Vinyl-Wrapped Urn/Vault - Fishing/Fisherman

This urn features a lightning storm on the top with shimmering water, a silhouette of a fisherman wi..

Product ID: 200274045

$300.51 $318.00

Cube Cultured Marble Adult Urn Green Ascota

Capacity: 280 cu. in.Please make sure the size is correct. This item is not returnable unless it arr..

Product ID: 200263527

$201.85 $213.60

Crying Angel w/ Wings in Mourning Urn 215 Cu. In.

Marbelized FinishAdult SizeHand Feather-PaintedHeight: 11" Width: 11" Diameter: 8.5"Cubic Inches: 21..

Product ID: 200266789

$160.00 $169.32

Classic Premium Cultured Marble Urns - Single or Companion

Single Size: 7-1/8" wide x 9-3/8" length x 6-1/2" height Volume: 200 Cubic Inches Companion Size: 8-..

Product ID: 200270775

$238.14 $252.00

Celestial River Raku Urn

The Celestial River Raku Urn symbolizes the love of fishing, the outdoors and being one with nature...

Product ID: 200264284

$224.53 $237.60

Celestial River Raku Keepsake

Celestial River Raku KeepsakeMeasures 5 inches tallCremation Urn Capacity: 30 Cubic Inches..

Product ID: 200264261

$133.81 $141.60

Bluebird of Happiness Pet Ceramic Urn

Cylindrical styled pet cremation urn in a blue finish with a bluebird accenting the lid.Thick twine ..

Product ID: 200264986

$49.80 $52.70

Black Marble Box Cremation Urn

Black rectangular marble box cremation urn. Urns made from natural marble will vary in color and pat..

Product ID: 200264845

$142.43 $150.72

Alluvium Marble Pet Cremation Urn - Extra Small

Hand-carved urn from warm, earth toned marble. A beautiful tribute for any beloved pet. Each natural..

Product ID: 200264743

$43.40 $45.94

Zhou Stone Cremation Urn

Zhou Urn. Crafted from marble, the Zhou is a popular urn in the stone collection. Top-opening lid. ..

Product ID: 200066340

$116.82 $123.62

Yellow Cherry Blossoms Pet Ceramic Urn

Elegant pet cremation urn made of ceramic and decorated in designs of yellow cherry blossoms.This be..

Product ID: 200264965

$49.80 $52.70

Willow Leaf Ficus Bonsai Tree

Also knows as Mexicana Ficus. Long, light green leaves have a similar appearance to the popular weep..

Product ID: 200264277

$678.13 $717.60

White Lily Stained Glass Cremation Urn

A beautifully styled cremation urn to house the ashes of a loved one. A handcrafted stained glass Ea..

Product ID: 200265119

$165.31 $174.94

Western Garden Raku Urn

The Western Garden Raku Urn has a beautiful depiction the light and playful Hummingbird, quickly fly..

Product ID: 200264510

$224.53 $237.60

Urn Keepsakes: Alabaster Stone Sympathy

Urn Keepsakes: Alabaster Stone Sympathy Item Number: ALJ-309-AZ Approximate Dimensions: 3.22"W x ..

Product ID: 200234365

$79.38 $84.00

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