Cemetery Vases & Lights

Cemetery Flower Vases Half & Ground Level

Half-Level Specs: Made for placement directly in the earth. Made from die-cast zinc and..

Product ID: 200232541

$104.93 $116.59

Grecian Series Cemetery Vase

Grecian Series Cemetery Vase details Full view locking vase. Die-cast zinc finished exterior and..

Product ID: 200232545

$163.80 $182.00

Utility Series Cemetery Vase

Utility Series Cemetery Vase. Ground-level. Economical and durable. Vase and casing are constructe..

Product ID: 200232543

$63.53 $70.59

The Holland Cemetery Flower Vase

Heavy duty zinc vase Sealed epoxy finish High density polyethylene outer case unaffected by f..

Product ID: 200274035

$160.92 $178.80

Eaton Series Cemetery Vases

Eaton Series Cemetery Vase details.The vase is a die-cast Zinc, the casing (base) is a polymer mat..

Product ID: 200232409

$144.61 $160.68

Spartan Cemetery Flower Vase - Zinc or Poly Casing

Available in three finishes: Bronze, Grey, Textured Bronze Half-exposed when open Zinc cast v..

Product ID: 200274034

$118.80 $132.00

Cemetery Ground Stake Candle Holder Remembrance Light - Blue or Red

Cemetery Candle Remembrance Light. Holds our 5-7 day remembrance candle. Features a Latin Cross on..

Product ID: 200232916

$355.21 $394.68

Cemetery Memorial Light/Lamp

Our memorial and remembrance light can hold a 7 day votive candle or be lighted with the optional ba..

Product ID: 200274033

$207.09 $230.10

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