Cemetery Flower Vases Half & Ground Level

Half-Level Specs: Made from die-cast zinc and is for placement directly in the earth. This h..


Ocean Crested Wave Keepsake Glass Cremation Urn

Wave Keepsake Urn. For those who loved the movement of water or the sounds of waves crashing. Hand-m..


Biodegradable Natural Rope Woven Caskets

Seagrass Casket crafted by hand primarily from willow, with attractive seagrass rope woven into the..


Going Home Brass Cremation Urn

Going Home Urn. Finished brass. Top-opening threaded lid. Shown with optional engraved metal easel...


Heroes Wall Veterans Cremation Urn

Our Heroes wall urn is an honorable and dignified tribute to any veteran. Featuring a reverent depic..


Regal Mallard Duck Cremation Urn

Regal Mallard Urn. Simulated hand-carved wooden decoy. Bottom-opening stopper. Shown with optional ..


Seated Couple Bronze Cremation Urn for Husband & Wife

Seated Couple Urn. Lost wax cast bronze mounted on a dark green marble base. Bottom-opening base at..


Together Again Partnership Cremation Urn

Together Again Urn. Designed as a celebration of loving partnership. Solid wood construction. Skill..


Tranquil Waters Glass Cremation Urn

Tranquil Waters Urn. This magnificent glass urn is hand-blown with brilliant colors suggestive of m..


Trigard Millennium Marble-toned Cremation Vault

Trigard Millennium Vault. Marble-toned. Non-biodegradable, high-impact polystyrene. Interior Dimen..


Angel on a Cloud: White Cremation Urn

Angel on a Cloud Urn. Charming simulated white marble that represents a cherub angel praying from u..


Antique bronze finished 5" Firefighter Cross

Firefighter Cross. Antique bronze finished cross features decorative relief sculptures of firefighte..


Back to Earth Pine Needle Basket Cremation Urn

Back to Earth Series Urn. This eco-friendly pine needle basket is made from individually selected l..


Block Cremation Urns for Children, Babies & Infants

Our ABC and Building Block urns feature the timeless images associated with the innocents of childho..


Ceramic Rose Cremation Urn

Ceramic Rose Urn. Cast ceramic with a neutral mono-chrome glaze with rose motif on front. Bottom-op..


Corona Galaxy Ceramic Cremation Urn

Corona Urn. Hand-thrown ceramic with a luminescent finish created from a glaze containing 22k gold...


Cowboy Boots Cremation Urn

Cowboy Boots Urn. Simulated leather. Hand painted and airbrushed with a detailed realistic texture...


Dogwood Leaves Etched Black Marble Cremation Urn

Dogwood Urn. Urn. Black marble etched with a dogwood design. Top-opening lid. 205 cu. in., 8" Dia...


Eaton Series Cemetery Vases

Eaton Series Cemetery Vase details.The vase is a die-cast Zinc, the casing (base) is a polymer ma..


Embrace Earth Cremation Urn Paper Cremation Urn

Embrace Earthurn. Biodegradable and suitable for burial or scattering. Fabricated from elegant han..


Eternal Praying Hands Ceramic Cremation Urn

Eternal Praying Hands Urn. Timeless ginger-jar shaped slip-cast ceramic urns feature the traditiona..


Evermore Marble Cremation Urn

Evermore Urn. A beautiful classic marble urn. Top-opening. Shown with optional surface engraving.42..


Gothic Black Cremation Urn - Bohemian Glass

Gothic Urn. 24% lead crystal produced by Bohemian glass artisans. Includes an opaque white satin po..


Guardian Polystyrene Cremains Vault w/Optional Riser

Guardian Vault. Non-biodegradable, high-impact polystyrene. Adhesive coupled with tongue-in-groove..


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