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Cemetery Flower Vases Half & Ground Level

Half-Level Specs: Made for placement directly in the earth. Made from die-cast zinc and is f..

$122.55 $162.54

Going Home Brass Cremation Urn

Going Home Urn. Finished brass. Top-opening threaded lid. Shown with optional engraved metal easel...

$48.43 $64.23

Regal Mallard Duck Cremation Urn

Regal Mallard Urn. Simulated hand-carved wooden decoy. Bottom-opening stopper. Shown with optional ..

$384.67 $510.19

Seated Couple Bronze Cremation Urn for Husband & Wife

Seated Couple Urn. Lost wax cast bronze mounted on a dark green marble base. Bottom-opening base at..

$980.75 $1,300.78

Together Again Partnership Cremation Urn

Together Again Urn. Designed as a celebration of loving partnership. Solid wood construction. Skill..

$237.75 $315.34

Tranquil Waters Glass Cremation Urn

Tranquil Waters Urn. This magnificent glass urn is hand-blown with brilliant colors suggestive of m..

$980.09 $1,299.91

Trigard Millennium Marble-toned Cremation Vault

Trigard Millennium Vault. Marble-toned. Non-biodegradable, high-impact polystyrene. Interior Dimen..

$514.32 $682.15

Angel on a Cloud: White Cremation Urn

Angel on a Cloud Urn. Charming simulated white marble that represents a cherub angel praying from u..

$299.88 $397.74

Back to Earth Pine Needle Basket Cremation Urn

Back to Earth Series Urn. This eco-friendly pine needle basket is made from individually selected l..

$728.72 $966.52

Block Cremation Urns for Children, Babies & Infants

Please note: If you choose to engrave this item and proceed to submit the order, the order cannot be..

$315.06 $417.87

Corona Galaxy Ceramic Cremation Urn

Corona Urn. Hand-thrown ceramic with a luminescent finish created from a glaze containing 22k gold...

$207.97 $275.83

Cowboy Boots Cremation Urn

Cowboy Boots Urn. Simulated leather. Hand painted and airbrushed with a detailed realistic texture...

$930.46 $1,234.09

Dogwood Leaves Etched Black Marble Cremation Urn

Dogwood Urn. Urn. Black marble etched with a dogwood design. Top-opening lid. 205 cu. in., 8" Dia...

$373.73 $495.68

Eaton Series Cemetery Vases

Eaton Series Cemetery Vase details.The vase is a die-cast Zinc, the casing (base) is a polymer ma..

$152.64 $202.45

Embrace Earth Cremation Urn Paper Cremation Urn

Embrace Earthurn. Biodegradable and suitable for burial or scattering. Fabricated from elegant han..

$117.25 $155.52

Evermore Marble Cremation Urn

Please note: If you choose to engrave this item and proceed to submit the order, the order cannot be..

$422.21 $559.99

Gothic Black Cremation Urn - Bohemian Glass

Gothic Urn. 24% lead crystal produced by Bohemian glass artisans. Includes an opaque white satin po..

$899.18 $1,192.60

Guardian Polystyrene Cremains Vault w/Optional Riser

Guardian Vault. Non-biodegradable, high-impact polystyrene. Adhesive coupled with tongue-in-groove..

$259.90 $344.71

Inspiration Ceramic Cremation Urn

Inspiration Urn. Hand-thrown ceramic with a luminescent ebony finish created from a glaze containin..

$214.22 $284.13

Maple Wood Cremation Urns for Children, Babies & Infants

Our Noah's Ark and Rocking Chair Urns feature the timeless images associated with the innocents of c..

$532.61 $706.41

Polyguard Polystyrene Cremation Vault

Polyguard Vault. Non-biodegradable polystyrene. Interior Dimensions: 13-1/4"W x 10-1/2"D x 7-1/2"H..

$477.69 $633.57

Utility Series Cemetery Vase

Utility Series Cemetery Vase. Ground-level. Economical and durable. Vase and casing are construct..

$67.06 $88.94

Zeus Brass Top-Opening Threaded Lid Cremation Urn

Zeus Urn. Finished Brass. Top-opening threaded lid. Available in 2 sizes: Individual: 206 cu. in..

$76.61 $101.61

Grecian Series Cemetery Vase

Grecian Series Cemetery Vase details Full view locking vase. Die-cast zinc finished exterior ..

$172.90 $229.32

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