How to fill your cremation pendant

Please read our step-by-step instructions carefully before filling your pendant.


Filled cremation pendant

We will be referring to the looped section at the top of the pendant as a "bail". This is the part where the necklace chain slips thru.

Most of our pendants have a bail that is threaded, others have removable back covers. When the bail is removed, you can fill the body of the pendant through the small hole. It is VERY EASY!

  1. Using a small, jewelers size, Phillips head screw driver, remove the screw , threaded cap (AKA bale) or back from the pendant.
  2. Place the included funnel into the small opening.
  3. Fill the pendant with hair, soil from burial site or ashes. Do not fill to capacity. Leave at least 10% empty. Volume of contents will vary depending on the pendant size.
  4. IMPORTANT! After filling with contents, clear the threads of any debris with the included pick. Ensure that the bale/screw will thread on cleanly by taking it on and off several times.
  5. Create the bond quickly with included glue! Avoid getting glue on your hands and pendant body.
  6. Start the bonding process by partially threading the bale/screw back onto the pendant. Place a VERY small amount of glue at the base of the thread where it is inserted into the hole, then continue screwing the bale/screw down until it stops spinning. Do not over tighten.
  7. When threading the bale, line up the eye so that it is perpendicular to the face of the pendant. If the bale is parallel to the face of the pendant the pendant will hang sideways against you and the chain will twist.

Some pendants require the screw/bale to be left loose by a quarter turn to ensure that the pendant hangs properly. This is not a concern as the glue will ensure a strong hold.