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Wall Mount Eyewash with Drench Hose

Guardian Wall Mount Eyewash with Drench Hose. Fully OSHA compliant plumbed device. Includes ANSI-com..

Product ID: 200232485


Wall Mount Eyewash Station

Guardian Wall Mount Eyewash Station. Fully OSHA compliant plumbed device, includes ANSI-compliant id..

Product ID: 200232762


Wall Mount Eyewash & Drench Shower

Wall Mount Eyewash and Drench Shower.Fully OSHA compliant plumbed device. Includes unit-mounted eyew..

Product ID: 200233210



Reflective Safe-T-Vest. Fluorescent orange. Open weave mesh and Velcro closure in front with adjusta..

Product ID: 200232845


Pureflow 1000 Eyewash Station

PureFlow 1000 Eyewash Station. Certified to meet OSHA and ANSI Z358. 1 requirements as a primary eye..

Product ID: 200232561


Portable Eyewash Station

Portable Eyewash Station. Station comes with water preservative. One-hand operation, gravity fed, 15..

Product ID: 200232895


Pedstal Eyewash Unit

Guardian Pedestal Eyewash Unit. Fully OSHA compliant plumbed device, includes ANSI-compliant identif..

Product ID: 200232487


Mortuary Vionexus No-Rinse Spray Antiseptic Hand Wash

Vionexus No-Rinse Spray Antiseptic Handwash. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer for protection against ba..

Product ID: 200232447


Mortuary Single Use Eyewash Station

Single Eyewash Station: 32 oz Not certified to meet OSHA and ASNI Z358.1 requirements as primary eye..

Product ID: 200232560


Mortuary Sidewinder Protective Eyewear

Sidewinder Protective Eyewear. High-impact clear polycarbonate lenses with adjustable. Non-slip tem..

Product ID: 200232905


Mortuary Shieldmate with Facemate

Shieldmate with Facemate. Full face splash protection with ear loops. Fluid resistant material with ..

Product ID: 200232848


Mortuary Sand Cover Ash & Trash Can

Sand Cover Ash and Trash Can.Heavy gauge, beautifully finished, rolled sheet aluminum construction w..

Product ID: 200232441


Mortuary Safety Chains

Safety Chains. Use for extra protection. Full plated links with rubber-coated hook on both ends. 48"..

Product ID: 200233495


Mortuary Open Domed Top Trash Can

Open Domed Top Trash Can. Decorative heavy gauge, beautifully finished, rolled sheet of satin alumin..

Product ID: 200232437


Mortuary Infectious Disease PPE Kit: Elevated

Infectious Disease Elevated Protection Kit.Protect yourself and your employees. This kit contains (1..

Product ID: 200232770


Mortuary Indirect Vented Goggles

Indirect Vented Goggles. Anti-fog coated. Optical grade polycarbonate lens. 99.9% UV protection len..

Product ID: 200232783


Mortuary Formaldehyde Vapor Monitor

Personal Protection Monitor.TWA/STEL. Can be used to monitor personal exposure or for monitoring wor..

Product ID: 200232787


Mortuary Faucet Mount Eyewash Unit

Guardian Faucet Mount Eyewash Unit. Not certified to meet OSHA requirements as primary eyewash devic..

Product ID: 200232486


Mortuary Earmuff Hearing Protection

Earmuff Hearing Protection. Lightweight muff-style hearing protector with universal adjustment for u..

Product ID: 200232888


Mortuary ChemMax 1 Coverall

ChemMax 1 Coverall. Constructed with a unique polyethylene barrier film and a continuous filament po..

Product ID: 200232956


Mortuary BioSeal: Portable System

BioSeal Portable System. Ideal for mobile protection. This fully-kitted, battery powered system incl..

Product ID: 200232362


Eyewash & Drench Shower

Guardian Eyewash and Drench Shower.Safety orange ABS plastic. Fully OSHA compliant plumbed device. I..

Product ID: 200232761


Deck Mount Eyewash Unit

Guardian Deck Mount Eyewash Unit. Fully OSHA compliant plumbed device. Includes ANSI-compliant ident..

Product ID: 200232484


Chemsorb Spill Pillow

Chemsorb Spill Pillow. Absorbs up to one gallon of liquid. Meets OSHA compliance for spill control. ..

Product ID: 200232833


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