Cremation Container ID Label Adhesive Label

ID Information Label.Peel and Stick. White. 50/pk...


Cremation Pouch

Cremation Pouch. Contains no poly-vinyl chloride. Features a full-length non-metallic zipper. No han..


Cremation Urn Liners with Ties 8" x 4" x 18"

Urn Liners with Ties. Heavy-duty gusseted polybag. Includes 5" nylon cable ties. 25/pk.The urn line..


Cremation Urn Presentation Cover

Urn Presentation Cover. A tasteful presentation method for a temporary or permanent urn. Burgundy ve..


Crest Marble Cremation Urn

Please note: If you choose to engrave this item and proceed to submit the order, the order cannot be..


Criterion Casket Bier

Criterion Casket Bier. Walnut wood grain formica with bronze accents. Has 5" silent ball-bearing cas..


Cross & Roses Applique

Cross and Roses Applique. Bronze-tone. 1/ea. 3"W x 5-1/4"H...


Cross Cremation Urn

Cross Urn. Solid oak with a cherry insert and a three-dimensional mahogany cross. Bottom-opening pan..


Cross Flag Pole Topper

Cross Flag Pole Topper. Hard plastic. Gold in color. 10". 1/ea...


Crown Vault

Crown Vault. Single. Non-biodegradable polypropylene. 1/ea...


Crypt Liners

Crypt Liner. For use in mausoleum crypt applications to avoid future leakage and discoloration of cr..


Crystal Motion Cremation Urn

Crystal Motion Urn. 24% lead crystal produced by Bohemian glass artisans. Top-Opening. 45 cu. in., 5..


CT400 Casket Truck

CT400 Casket Truck. Move and display caskets with ease...


Cunningham Cremation Urn

Cunningham Urn. This elegant cherry box with a satin finish features gorgeous accent detailing and b..


Curvature Eye Caps

Curvature Eye Caps. Normal curvature. Oval shape. Perforated for convenient, accurate sizing with a ..


Curved Spring Forceps

Curved Spring Forceps. Tension allows maximum expansion of drainage vein with minimal obstruction of..


Curved Surgical Scissor

Curved Surgical Scissor. Crafted from top-grade Stainless steel for years of durability and performa..


Cylinder - Open Bottom

Cylinder-Open Bottom Replacement Mortuary Glass. Ruby. Top: 3-1/4". Height: 7". Bottom: 3-1/4". 1/ea..


Cynthia Cermaic Box Cremation Urn

Cynthia Urn. Cast ceramic with a neutral monochrome glaze. Bottom-opening stopper. 215 cu. in., 5-..


Cynthia Cremation Urn

Please note: If you choose to engrave this item and proceed to submit the order, the order cannot be..


Danger Formaldehyde Equipment Adhesive Label

Danger Formaldehyde Equipment Adhesive Label. OSHA compliance safety label. Opaque. 4" x 7". 100/rol..


Darlene Cremation Urn

Darlene Urn. Slip-cast ceramic with an iridescent glaze. Bottom-Opening. 263 cu. in., 8" Dia. x 11"H..


Death of a Pet Book

Death of a Pet. Written to provide answers in brief form to the most common questions that arise whe..


Deck Mount Eyewash Unit

Guardian Deck Mount Eyewash Unit. Fully OSHA compliant plumbed device. Includes ANSI-compliant ident..


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