Robert Wilt 10/05/2020

The vase that was sent to me was not the vase and a half. The vase I received was the ground level vase..
I went ahead and kept it though I did not receive the one I actually wanted, which was the vase and a half.

Molly Campbell 05/25/2020

This cemetery vase will be the final addition to my daughters gravesite. It’s exactly what I’d hoped for and will be perfect to hold artificial or real flowers In place. Very well made & nice looking!

Michael Dockter 10/12/2019

I have a ground level vase. This particular one will be perfect. This gravesite is in ND so in the winter u have to remove it, otherwise the cold and moisture will bust it up. It will b just fine for spring, summer, and fall use. I am totally satisfied with it and it will work just fine. The size of the hole i put this in is 5 inches. This fits fine. When i dont use it in the winter i put in a 5 inch pipe plug which is great for the winter.

Miriam 06/17/2019

Had to replace my daughters since thieves are so brutal & disrespectful.....unbelievable!

This was an awesome reasonable replacement! installment a camera in it....

Glenda Gardner 05/03/2019

Great product! Thanks!